LOS ANGELES 8/4 • Nail Thoughts Certification Class

LOS ANGELES 8/4 • Nail Thoughts Certification Class

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Taught by Lila Robles @nailjerks

This class includes:

  • A kit of products ($200 value)
  • A Nail Thoughts textbook
  • A full day of hands on natural nail techniques
  • An official certificate to take back to your salon


You will learn:

-Theory portion outlining all the Nail Thoughts products to know all the ins and outs, troubleshooting, and best practices.

-Foundational e-filing, cuticle prep, and manicure prep.

-How to apply a long wearing and beautifully self-leveled natural nail gel overlay using the tinted bases as well as a rebalance process.

-Fun art techniques on natural nails 

What To Bring:

-At least one hand free from product for practice

-LED Light

-Cuticle Pusher

-Cuticle Nippers

-Lint-Free Wipes

-E-file and assorted bits

All sales are final. All classes are non-refundable.